Thursday, April 29, 2010

Date Night Was Great!

Hubby and I had a day to ourselves last Saturday. Marshal went to the nanny's to hang out with her grand daughter (he apparently has several girlfriends...she has several granddaughters). We took a nap late morning (and yes, we both actually SLEPT...we're exhausted...we almost wanted to keep sleeping and skip the movie but we'd already bought the tickets onl ine) and then headed to the movie theater. I was so excited to see this movie - one of the reasons I wrote the review the other day with the preview trailer.

I LOVED the movie. Hubby, not so much. He didn't hate it, but it definitely wasn't his favorite...although he did giggle a few times (I love it when he giggles). I laughed so hard in parts of it that I had tears in my eyes. I could relate SO much to the story of a married couple stuck in a rut.

Some of the scenes were not family friendly although compared to some movies pretty tame. One scene has Tina Fey dressing up as a Stripper, although she's a "mom" stripper so it's a modest outfit (you know, for strippers). It was a really funny scene though.

The plot isn't all that deep, but that's what makes it fun. There's no real deep thought required...just sit back and enjoy.

If you love Steve Carrel (I do!) and Tina Fey (she was great) I recommend seeing this movie. If I hadn't had gift cards, and a buy one get one free coupon, we probably would have waited for it to come out on video. See it at the matinee time or wait for the DVD. It's a great movie - and would be a great Saturday night with a big bowl of popcorn stay in the house movie. :)

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