Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Jewelry for Me!

In between dealing with a cry baby boy and stressing about my new job, I've made myself a couple pieces of jewelry. [Oh, and repairing jewelry for others ... Kelly - I'm almost ready to ship out your jewelry!] =)

I bought these gorgeous stones at the Rings and Things show my mom and I went to the other weekend. I'm not really sure exactly what they are - the tag said "dyed Aqua" but that really means nothing to me. All I know is the moment I saw these stones I knew exactly what I wanted to design with them.

The strand came graduated, which was super helfpul, and I saved two of the smallest beads for earrings. I think the largest center stone is at least 15 mm if not bigger.

Then I finally finished this Labradorite and Apatite stone necklace. Two different shapes of Labradorite and large round Apatite stones. This Apatite is not the best quality, but it has a gorgeous deep teal blue color and I think that it really brings out the blue in the Labradorite (wish my photos showed the Labradorite flash better).

I may have to make something similar for my mom...she really liked it when I showed it to her. :)

Hope you like these two pieces (well, four including earrings)...I plan to make myself several more sets of necklaces and earrings to wear to my new job. I think I need some thing red now.

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