Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I Need to Get Organized

This is NOT a paid review. However there is an Amazon affiliate link if you're so inclined. :)

I love getting mail...especially when I get free samples! Most of these samples I sign up for online and are available to anyone who signs up.

Today I got a free sample from Smead...and I *think* I signed up for it but I honestly don't remember. Getting this sample in the mail only reminded me that I need to get organized. My new job is going to demand organization and better record keeping than I currently do with my jewelry business. Not that I'm horrible at it, but there is a lot of room for improvement.

Smead sent this really cool TUFF Hanging Folder with an Easy Slide Tab. You know how hanging file folders have those really obnoxious tabs that you have to bend and they don't always go into the little slots so you have to rip the file. Yeah, those. I hate those.

These are pretty spiffy. The tabs literally slide onto the folder. And the tabs themselves are really thick and sturdy. And getting that little piece of paper into the tab is a breeze because the back of the tab is actually open...so no more trying to stick a pencil or paperclip in to 'grab' the paper after it's been stuck for five years (yes, I've done that).

Oh, and you aren't limited to the little tabs...this sliding tab can b

The info that came with the sample says that these are 7 times stronger than ordinary hanging folders but I love the claim that the "specially designed, reinforced channel rods resist bending and paper tearing" because when I got this sample in the mail the rods were bent. lol So much for that claim. I was able to bend them back but if they can't survive a simple mailing how are they going to survive a rough and tough office environment (okay, okay I know...how tough can an office be really?).

All in all I really like the folder - I found them on Amazon for $14. Is that a good price? I'm not sure. How much are regular folders? I'm sure the store brand would be cheaper but they're also kind of ugly (at least the ones at my store) and flimsy.

I think I'd buy them if they were on sale or if I had coupons. And I'll definitely be using the one they sent me. :)

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