Thursday, April 8, 2010

Improving Yourself on the Cheap

I'm trying to find a swimming lesson class for me and Marshal to join...there is one at the local Athletic club but I think it's going to be expensive. So I started trying to see if there was anything available at the local schools. I'd heard that there are red cross volunteers who sometimes hold classes on the weekends.

Well, I didn't have any luck finding a class, but I did discover that the local school district offers many different classes on all sorts of topics. I'm sure that a lot of school districts out there offer something similar.

Here are a few of the classes I found that seem like they'd be great to take, especially if you're looking to start or change careers:


Love to travel, but expenses getting you down? Learn the benefits of becoming an independent travel agent in your free time. Earn commissions, be your own boss, and have fun and plan a Caribbean cruise.

CLASS FEE: $20.00
 What a great idea...for $20 it's hard to pass up to at least learn about.


This course is designed for people who own or would like to own rental property. It will cover finding and screening good tenants, lease terms, applicable laws, security deposits, tenant relations, rent collection, evictions, property maintenance, problem tenants and more.

CLASS FEE: $20.00

I bet there's a lot to learn about being a landlord. I don't think it's a passive source of income, and it's nothing I'd want to do. But it might be right for some people. 

I want to take this one (in my "spare" time hahahaha)

WATERCOLOR (Beginning)

Learn watercolor techniques and applying paint with a brush, rag or sponge. Your own creative power will be guided through step-by-step procedures, from the first pale wash through detailed finishing touches. Students will purchase their own supplies ($20 - $40). Bring $5.00 to instructor for supplies for the first class.) Class will continue an additional 4 weeks if there is sufficient interest.

CLASS FEE: $40.00
 I love painting but I have no talent. :)

There are dozens upon dozens of various classes from learning how to make your own jewelry to how to invest and even computer classes. I guess it just never occurred to me to check the school district for this kind of thing. It seems rather obvious that they would be a great source of information and activities.

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