Monday, April 5, 2010

I Think We're Done with Pampers

Another non-jewelry post. :) (Unpaid review)

I don't think of this as a review so much as a complaint. Some moms favor one brand of diapers over another and I never quite understood that until Marshal came along. I bought a lot of diapers ahead of time using coupons because I'm cheap like that. I got Huggies and Pamper, but for the smaller sizes I seemed to have bought a lot of Pampers.

One thing that I notice now that we're getting into bigger sizes (and therefore using more Huggies) is that there IS a difference!

The Pampers leave 'stuff' on fibers and stuff. My son can wet down a diaper like nobody's business. It doesn't matter if I've changed him 30 minutes before...he can manage to weigh down a diaper with pee pee in seconds. And while both brands seem to work well at containing the liquid, Huggies actually seem to keep his skin dry and free of 'stuff'.

I noticed when he was littler, that the Pampers would leave fibers (string/cloth?) around his little private part. We'd have to pick and pull it off of him and he hated it. And now when I use the Pampers diapers I notice the same thing - as well as what look like little round pellets ??? on his skin when his diaper gets really wet. I'm pretty sure that those are from the diaper itself since he soaks it so much.

But the Huggies don't seem to do the same thing.

Plus, Huggies have had a kick butt coupon for $3 off any pack and using that with made for a slammin' deal on diapers. (Did you know that you can use manufacturer coupons with!?! So flippin' awesome!)

So my not so official review...Pampers don't work for us. I'm going to finish off the ones we have in stock but from there on out we're going to stick with Huggies brand.

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Rebecca said...

I always preferred Huggies over Pampers. ;)