Monday, December 3, 2007

Beep Beep - Lots of Traffic in November

Traffic on my website was the best even in November. I remember when I first launched my website (officially last year) and was so excited to see 10-15 hits a day. Now I get bummed if I don't see more than 150 a day.

That may sound like a lot but it takes hundreds of unique hits to generate one sale.

November 2007

3,922 Unique Visitors
5,766 Total Visits (1.47 visits/person)
187,706 Hits

14 Sales

Think about that. Nearly 4,000 unique visitors and only 14 sales. That's not that great in terms of conversion rates...although I do know certain jewelry friends of mine who up my stats a little bit (*cough* JenC *cough*)...not that I mind! :)

I am thrilled that I had 14 sales in November. I hope I can get that many each month. Working full time makes it more difficult to get many more - because let me tell you I was swamped. Most items are made when ordered, from scratch. No working on the weekend and stocking up - I usually stay up late in order to finish. I can't stand letting orders sit for more than a day or two.

Those sales don't include my sales from my Etsy shop - so add another 15 sales - although I have no idea how many hits I get on my Etsy shop because they don't give us by shop stats.

And why, you may ask, am I sharing this information? Mainly because I want to share with other jewelry is HARD to sell online. There are thousands upon thousands upon thousands of us out here in the cyberworld, competing for jewelry customers. It is a lot of work and you shouldn't be discouraged or think down on your work just because you haven't gotten a sale in awhile. Trust me, this was my busiest month all year. And I'm thrilled.

Hits and sales have continued to increase since the beginning of the year and I hope that trend continues.


miznyc said...

thanks so much for the perspective!
your work is quite lovely.
here's to more sales!

Jennifer said...

*innocently whistling* *wave*

hee, hee, hee. Who, little ole moi???? *cheesy grin*

*smoochies* girl!!! Congrats on the sales!!! WOOHOOOOO!!!!!!!

XOXOXOXO - the innocent one. *cheesy grin*

wtc_chawner said...

Thanks for the insight Megan. I've yet to have a 'cyber sale', but now won't give up hope!