Monday, December 3, 2007

Subtle Rock

I love natural stones and they look so great in rings. Some of my rings are a little...less than subtle. Bold is a good word. Rockin' is also a good word.

But yesterday I was inspired to create some more subtle rings that still used natural stones but didn't look like something that could take an eye out.

Gorgeous Sleeping Beauty Turquoise - completely natural and feminine - found in the Sleeping Beauty mine in Nevada.

Ocean Jasper - I found out that this stone is only found in one mine in the world in Madagascar. It is such a remote area that there are no roads and the stone can only be gathered at low tide along the edge of the ocean and transported by boat.

Malachite - I love the green swirls and patterns found in Malachite. This stone shape is really fun - a square that is drilled from corner to corner.

And if you still want a little bigger bling - this Amazonite is incredible. It almost sparkles. A really great color, this particular stone is actually from Africa (most Amazonite is from Russia and is more green) with stunning pale teal green color.

Rings Rock!


Mrs.Kwitty said...

Your rings DO rock!! They are gorgeous, and I just love how you photographed them too. Kudos!
Smiles, Karen

Joelle said...

I Love this last ring. They ALL rock!
You do take GREAT photo's of everything!
keep doing what you do best!