Monday, December 10, 2007

Monday Monday

Apparently today and next Monday are the biggest shipping days for the United States Postal Service. And I will be heading there with my own stack of boxes to ship. Not for family but for customers.

It was a crazy weekend - I had a jewelry party at Trooper's breeder's house. Lots of fun and food and puppies!!! Forget jewelry - I just wanted to play with the dogs. The puppies are 5 weeks old and beyond adorable. It was hard to keep myself from sneaking one out.

Orders have not stopped just because it's December, although I'm thinking that they will slow down a lot now that my guaranteed shipping deadline is here. I thought about extending it but the reality of my life makes me leave it as is. Most of my work is made to order so it takes a couple of days just to prepare pieces to ship - I think I'd be cutting it a little close.

So it's off to the post office I go...hauling two bags full of Priority shipping boxes. Phew! I was up late finishing up - and I hope that everyone loves everything. That is always the most anxious part - wondering what they think when they open their packages.

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