Monday, December 17, 2007

The Hills Are Alive...

With the Sound of Music! I took my four little cousins to see this play on Friday at the Lakewood Playhouse. It was GREAT! It was long, but it was fabulous. I highly recommend going to see it - it plays through January 13.

My friend Marie played the Baroness and was so good. She's got a great voice (yes, in this play the Baroness sings).

Marie actually sounded like Julie Andrews. It was freaky. But she did a fabulous job. The Captain was great but he looked so much older than the woman playing Marie that it was kind of odd.

As we drove away, we were chatting about the show, and the two older girls and I all noted one thing that shocked us. I know that the movie and play involves Nazis. I've seen it on TV. It never caused me to blink.

But seeing Nazi flags live and in person punched me in the gut. All three of us "big girls" (the other two are 12 and 9 and had no idea what we were talking about) had the same reaction. I felt a little ill seeing the flags. It's that scene where the family is performing right before they escape. And the Nazis are there to take the Captain away immediately after the performance. So of course there will be Nazi flags. I never thought it would hit me so hard to see these in person. I was actually physically uncomfortable and sick to my stomach.

I suppose that means I'm not totally numb to history - even as much as I've seen and studied about the Holocaust and WWII. Good to know.

Anyway, it WAS an excellent play and I really enjoyed myself. Plus I got to hang out with my girls. LOVE my girls! =D

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