Tuesday, December 4, 2007

State of Emergency in Western Washington

I have lived on the west side of Washington state for my entire life. Born and raised. I've seen a lot of weather my in almost 30 years. From 100+ days in the summer to flooding in the winter. We have some great photos of grandpa's river (that's what we call it - it's officially the Nisqually river) flooding up over its banks.

In 1996 I remember the freeway being closed due to flooding and 11 short years later it's happened again. Hubby had to go in at 5 a.m. today and is being assigned down to help with traffic control.

The weather has calmed down a bit but I still had my wipers on all the way to work this morning. It was coming down pretty good.

My grandfather - the ultimate cowboy - decided that he didn't want his outhouse to float away yesterday. So the stinker wades into the overflowing river up to his thighs (he is 80 freaking years old!), straps a rope/chain around the stupid thing, gets on the tractor and pulls it to dry land. Oy! I swear that man is going to give us a heartattack long before he leaves this earth.

A great photo from West Olympia - I was JUST there on Sunday!

I've seen it flood in that intersection before but never ever that badly. That is just frightening!

I hope grandpa's house is okay...he's fairly far away from the river but I know one of his neighbors lost several outbuildings and had to be rescued from their home! Although neighbor in his neck of the woods could be several miles away. I'm sure one of the main roads into town will wash out - it has before.

God bless mother nature and do not piss her off!


Jennifer said...

I have a feeling it's going to take more than some rain to get your grandfather. He'll be the one pulling his neighbors out.

That is pretty scary. I hope you guys get some relief soon.

Anonymous said...

I live on the westside of Olympia in Washington. I have been here almost 40 years. This is the worst flooding I have ever seen here. We are lucky at our home, we live on a hill. We pray for all those who are dealing with the flooding.

Amazed in Olympia

CastoCreations said...

Amazed - same here...still praying. I can't believe some of the pictures I've seen on TV.

Thanks Jennifer! :) No rain in the forecast but the water is taking its own sweet time receding.