Saturday, December 1, 2007

A New Skylight

Yesterday was brutal. On me, the dogs, and our ceiling. I wasn't all that excited about working from home but hubby wanted someone home while they were working on the roof. Good thing he insisted.

Why did we need a new roof? Well, when we moved into this house over five years ago we were told that the tile roof was a superior quality and we wouldn't need a new roof for 20 years. Yeah right. So much for that. A few months ago we discovered a leak ... there was water streaming above the window behind my work station. Hubby could not find the leak. It wasn't the window.

So we called a roofing company and we definitely had a leaky roof. One of the tiles was broken and they don't do tile roofs. Apparently they are supremely expensive. Not only that, our stupid roof had ONLY tiles. Seriously...tiles then nothing but our ceiling. No two by fours. No layer of plastic or whatever. Nothing! SO lame.

So we decided to go through with a new roof...not cheap. Got the home equity loan. Ready to go. Set for yesterday. It was the loudest most annoying experience ever. Even without a flippin' foot coming through the ceiling it would have been horrible.

I'm sitting here working on my laptop trying to get some things done and all of a sudden my ceiling explodes.

The guy slipped (since there was nothing but air and some beams) and thankfully caught himself before his whole body came through!

In reality it isn't that big of a deal. They are going to pay for the repair (the drywall came by last night already) but it completely freaked me out. I started to have a panic attack and had to call hubby home. Poor guy. I was flipped. Shaking. Near tears. Although I'm proud of myself for not actually crying. :)

The dogs were freaking out too of course.

Alls well that ends well. The drywall guy actually found some other parts of the ceiling that need to be repaired from the leak so we'll get everything repaired at once and split the cost with the roofing company.

And Trooper ended the day conked out in the kitchen. :)

He was seriously out cold. Didn't even open his eyes when I took this picture. Normally when I walk up he'd start stretching or something. LOL He was wiped out. =D

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