Wednesday, December 5, 2007

So Much Cuteness! So Little Time!

I really wish I had kids...or at least relatives of kid age. Because there are so many flippin' cute items on Etsy that I am itchin' to buy.

Am I too old for a cape? If there were any kids young enough in my family I would totally buy one of these by Panjo!

Sometimes I am really messy when I eat...but I don't think my neck would fit in this adorable bib by Hoobaleedoos.

Although my mom didn't really cook...I'm sure if my dad had lived I would have wanted to help out in the kitchen and would have needed one of these precious little girl aprons by Mommy and Me Boutique.

I wonder if the cookie comes with it???

Oh so many more goodies are coming...I can't stop myself!!!

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