Thursday, December 6, 2007

Happy Dog

That is my goal - to make sure my dogs are happy and healthy. Trooper is not happy. He's antsy. Fidgety. Bored. It rained so much the past few weeks. Hubby has been working a lot of overtime. I've had orders and shipping.

And he can't play as rough as he wants to with Kodiak and Quinn. Long walks around the neighborhood do not tire him out.

So tonight, hubby and I are going to go tour a local kennel for Puppy Daycare. If we like it, he'll be going next week at least one day if not two. It will be SO good for him to play with other doggies and run run run. I can't wait to have a tired dog!

And as soon as we think Kodiak is fully healed he can go too. I'm not so sure about Quinn. She's getting fairly old but they may be able to take care of her there too. She may enjoy it.

Just from the photos it looks like a fabulous and very professional place. Each dog gets their own little kennel that they go in when they first get there. I love this because my dogs used to go absolutely nutso when we'd go to the other daycare (that's another story). This will give them a chance to calm down.

Things look so clean and well kept from the photos too. And they have a pool for doggies!!! I love that. Not just a pool, they also have kid toys for the dogs. It is so funny to watch dogs play on those!

I'll report back ... the biggest hurdle is convincing hubby that Trooper will be safe and cared for by someone else. :) He's so protective!

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