Friday, November 30, 2007

My Dog is Very Stressed Out

My poor Trooper Bear. He is so stressed out right now.

Why? You may ask. Because our roof is being replaced. It sounds like a herd of rhinos are walking around up there. I knew it would be noisy. But good googly moogly I can hardly hear myself think. I swear one of those guys is going to fall through my ceiling at any moment.

But my poor baby boy is stressed - panting, pacing, staring at me "why momma?!?"

And OH MY GOD! Some guy's foot just came through the freaking ceiling! Gotta go!


Jennifer said...

Oh no! Make them fix it!

Poor Trooper. Give ham an ear scratch from me

Rio Oso Designs said...

Oh my goodness! We live in an apartment, so we get noise from upstairs, but nothing like a foot coming through the ceiling!

Mimi said...

Poor Trooper. Hopefully they won't take too long working on your roof.

langtry, aka Sharon said...

Freaky that one minute you are thinking "it sounds like someone's going to come through the roof" and the next minute someone actually does! in that photo, poor Trooper actually looks as if he's saying "I told you that was going to happen. Why doesn't anyone listen to me?"

We would, Sweet Trooper, but God didn't see fit to grant us the skill to understand Doggiese. : ) Like Jennifer said, give Trooper some love for me, as well as Quinn and Kodiak.