Wednesday, March 18, 2009

1000 Finds - Andy Mathis Art Co

Some of you may have run across Andy on Etsy or some other venue. I've appreciated his work for at least a year...or longer, I can't remember. As much as his art, I love his sense of sarcastic humor and down to earth ideas.

I'm thrilled that he's started a shop on 1000 Markets and enjoy his contributions to the growing market.

I think his work is incredible.

When I picked Andy to feature today I had no idea that his dog Jethro needed some medical attention ... and in order to assist in funding Andy is having a special Jethro sale. Of course the picture of his sweet dog tugs my heart strings.

Head on over to Andy's blog to read about his special Jethro sale. And add Andy to your list of favorites...

Andy Mathis Art Co
Andy Mathis on Etsy
Andy Mathis on 1000 Markets

1 comment:

Andy Mathis said...

Awwwww, Casto.
You didn't have to do this, but I appreciate it very much.

Someone left a comment on my blog, saying they followed a link from here.

Thanks for the feature.