Monday, March 16, 2009

An Expensive Trip

I spent a little more than I had planned at the gem and bead show on Saturday. But I didn't go completely over budget and I'll be able to pay everything off with existing savings, so that's a plus.

The show was VERY slow. From my own personal observation (parked pretty close) to the mutterings of the vendors things weren't going so well. Of course it was Saturday morning and they'd just opened. But I heard one vendor talking about previous years when there were hundreds lined up to get in, compared to this year when there were only 30 waiting for the doors to open.

I only spent money with two different vendors. There just wasn't that much that attracted my eyes. A lot of the same stuff, still too expensive for what it is, with the same vendors. I almost always buy from one particular vendor but their prices are too high and another vendor had even better quality product.

I spent way too much on pearls. I'm such a pearl fiend. It's not even the majority of my work but when I see pearls I lose my head. This particular vendor is so well organized...every strand is marked with a price and a code. If I ever need to get more I will know exactly what to ask for. And their products were 30% off the marked price...which is great since I was happy with the marked prices to begin with.

The various colors of pearls available made me swoon. I found some small near rounds that were almost black - I bought two different variations ... one with a green tint and the other with a blueish purple tint. But so dark that you really have to hold them up to the light to see the color underneath.

Then they had these incredible deep dark raspberry colored HUGE teardrop pearls that called my name. They're awesome. I showed my mom and she immediately started oooo'ing and aaaahhhh'ing. LOL

I seemed to gravitate towards the blues and reds this time though I did get some gorgeous smooth discs that are a golden peachy color.

I made a bracelet and a necklace this weekend with some of my new pearls and I did get photos taken, but not edited. I'll share soon.

Anyway, the only other vendor I spent money with was one selling lobster clasps and basic findings. Not all that exciting, but they seemed to have the best price of the show and I've bought from them before. I was nearly out of lobster clasps and had run out of vermeil head pins.

I estimate that I was at the show for around 2 hours, maybe a little less. It just didn't take long to go through everything...It seems like there were fewer vendors than before.

So then I headed to the mall and talk about opposite...I could not find a parking space. And the place was packed.

Do you think hobby jewelers are discontinuing their hobby and therefore sales are slowing at bead shows? Or are those who sell their jewelery stopping as well?

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I hope you have a terrific day and week. Big hug. :)