Thursday, March 19, 2009

Website Issues


I thought I was done with website issues when I had my website gal take off the shopping cart. But apparently something is still up.

I don't really even want a real website anymore. If I knew which site I wanted to focus all my work I'd just have my domain point to either Etsy or 1000 Markets. But I still am working on both shops.

My site apparently gives people a message that there's a virus on it..which I have no clue how to find or even how it would have gotten there. It also gives a warning that my security certificate is expired, which it is, but it shouldn't matter because there's no shopping cart and no one is sending me information through the site.

Having a site is a pain. I think I want it to just be a front page that has some links to my Etsy shop, my 1000 Markets shop, my newsletter sign up page, and other various links. Maybe I'll chat with my web gal about that. Not that I have a ton of extra cash to make a ton of changes. But I really do want things to be simple.


pamibe said...

I didn't get a message, but then I have noscript, so it would have been blocked.

That's a very nice, elegant site. But I can understand how updating up constantly would be a pita.

CastoCreations said...

Thanks for checking Pam! =) It is a total PITA although I do LOVE the design. My web gal is really awesome.

Athena said...

Sorry, I didn't check your site (my husband just had to fix my computer a few weeks ago because of a virus I got from a blog!), but I totally get the PITA aspect. I think I'm done, then I wilt when I remember I have to update my website. Blah. There's just so much I make that I don't sell online that I can't let it go.