Wednesday, March 11, 2009

1000 Finds - Two Seaside Babes

Since the baby is making me miserable I have to focus on good things about having a little crumb cruncher. One of the funnest things (to me) is the adorable clothes and toys I'll get to purchase. And I do plan to buy handmade items. I've already started a special savings account just so we'll have some extra cash to support our handmade buddies.

Two Seaside Babes caught my eye and are on my list of shops to hit when we find out the sex of the baby.

Look at this adorable Octopus!!! Hello adorable!

And since my little one will be born in October I'll need to make sure their head is covered and cozy...and this darling knit buckle Beanie will definitely do the trick.

And until they get old enough for the buckle beanie I think they'll look spectacular in this Flapper Beanie.

How freaking cute is that?

This shop is definitely being added to my list of places to shop once we know what we're having. She is also on Etsy and has 100% positive feedback.

Oh...and if you like the look of those buckle beanies (which I do...I might have to have one for myself) she makes them for big kids too!


pamibe said...

How sweet! You can tell they do excellent work, too...

I love etsy! :)

CastoCreations said...

I do too Pam...but 1000 Markets is even better. :) There are a lot of artists now on both.

Social Marketing Mama said... cute are those knitted items on your blog, I tried to learn a couple of years ago..still have a half done scarf! Very cute!