Monday, March 2, 2009

Slowing Down, but Not Out

This nausea stuff is really slowing me down. I have lots of jewelry ideas but no energy to actually make anything lately.

Yesterday I managed to avoid nausea for the first few hours of the day so I made two necklaces and two pairs of earrings. Of course, the sea sick feeling kicked in before I had the energy to take photos. So I'll have to wait for another day to do that.

Hubby seems to think that I'll abandon my jewelry once the little bean comes. And even before it comes - I want to take some classes in July and he's trying (key word) to veto them because I'll be further along then (about 6 months).

I just don't see that. Do I have to stop being myself just because I have a rug rat? Will I now be defined ONLY as a mom? My mom had hobbies when we were younger. Well, when I was in third grade at least. She made the most beautiful porcelain dolls. And she was a master gardener for most of my pre and teen years.

I just don't want to be stuck in the garage. My mom laughed when I said I didn't plan to move my work station and said that I will teach my kid that certain things aren't toys. I know that's probably wishful thinking, but I am not looking forward to baby-proofing my home. Why can't a kid be taught that mommy's beads are off limits? That the fire place is HOT? Or that you don't eat dog food? Why is that so difficult a concept?

I know...the moms out there are probably laughing at me too. My mom is really looking forward to me having a kid just like me. Which honestly would suck. I was a brat!

I told my mom that I wanted to do the craft show at my work in'll be a month after the munchkin arrives. She laughed.

I'm supposed to stop my life? It's the ONE show I want to do for the whole year...I can't get some help for the four to six hours it will take?

Besides that, Christmas season is the biggest selling season. I'm supposed to not sell my jewelry during that season because it's a newborn?

Can you tell that I'm conflicted? I refuse to give up on ME as a jeweler. And of course I want to be a good mom too. It can't be impossible to do both can it?


Anna said...

Ooo, your mom cursed you too, eh?! My mom did and I have a daughter just like me (actually worse and mom even admitted that!) and one that's like my brother. Now tell me, how is that fair?!

I didn't do beadwork when my daughters were babies, but I did cross stitch. Yes, you can teach them that they can't touch "mommy's stuff", but you are better off with a separate room or cabinets that will hold your things.

You may not have the energy for a bit to create (tiredness can inhibit creativity), but don't give it up because it is therapeutic and it is a part of you!

Good luck and best wishes for a happy and healthy baby!

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

You can do both. You will find the right fit after the baby comes. Just feel better. I know the morning sickness will pass at some point. I just can't remember. Your doctor might know.

Have a terrific day. :)

pamibe said...

You don't have to stop being yourself because you're pregnant or have a child. Being a mother will add to who you are, not subtract.

Hang in there!

JewelryFetish Designer said...

Just did some reading on your blog and CONGRATULATIONS.....On the new addition.....Believe me the new one will fit in perfectly. And after you adjust you should be able to keep up with your love for jewelry making. Now, mine is nine and I still have to remind her to keep her little hands off some of my may luck out like me and have a future designer on your hands... Never stop who you are....that is what is going to make you the best MOTHER you can is YOU and all that includes...You already sound like a wonderful person, so I am sure you will "Ace" being a mom and working like most of us already do. I am just so happy for you. Just try not to worry and enjoy the moment...sickness and is something that we are blessed to experience. Much Love... ( I am going to post this to your blog also) not sure if you check both right now....