Friday, March 20, 2009

New Affiliate Program

So I don't do affiliate programs really. I have some links to products that I use like ING but I don't consider those affiliate programs. My goal with my blogs was never to make's more of a social outlet where I can share and vent. =)

However, when I do believe in something I feel like I should share it...and if I can make some extra money doing so, all the better.

I decided to sign up for a jewelry related affiliate program with David Weiman who I have followed for several years. He even included some of my information in an online book he created...I should go find that. :) He writes and shares his knowledge through his Marketing Jewelry website, book, and e-mails.

So while I will earn some money if you click his link I did not join for that reason. I truly think that his advice on jewelry - selling, marketing, and making - is valuable for a jeweler at any level. I hope you think so too. I won't inundate you with links or posts about the Marketing Jewelry site, but when he posts updates or e-mails that I find valuable I will share them.

Feel free to give me your feedback as well. If you don't find it valuable then I may opt out of the program. Though I honestly think you'll find the information useful.

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