Monday, March 9, 2009

Write Your Congressperson

The CPSIA fight is still going strong and we can't back down now. The "little people" are good and riled but together we need to make the law makers understand the error of their ways.

Did you know that the law requires BOOKS to be tested or pulled off the shelves of libraries? That's right. Your kids are in danger from The Cat in the Hat. Look out! Good thing the government is here to save us.

Do we really want to be a "bubblewrap society" as Rick asks on his blog? I sure don't. Risk is part of life.

Anyway...we can't stop fighting to amend, or even better repeal, this insane law.

Rep. Dingall is looking for your stories. Here is a letter that he wrote with questions - questions that you can help to answer.

And send your personal stories ( about how this law affects you. For me, it doesn't affect my business (yet) but it does affect my choices as a consumer. I WANT to support handmade and used clothing and toys. I'm not worried about my (unborn) kid dying from lead tainted yarn. Sorry. I have way more important worries.

I wish the government would butt out.

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