Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Body Care Goes Natural

With all the scary news stories lately about lead in everything from your kid's train set to your lipstick I've been more and more aware of natural products.

I am not a hippy, dippy, no leg shaving, long haired, granola eater (not that there's anything wrong with that) who thinks that all chemicals are bad and we should be living as one with our mother earth. I love me some un-earthy TV. And you won't find me with flourescent lighting until it looks like my pretty soft light bulbs do now.

However, I am starting to make more of an effort to filter out the chemicals and unnatural items in my food as well as other products like lotions. There is some research out there (isn't there always) that claims some chemicals used in lotions can cause cancer. Although everything seems to cause cancer these days (I am not going to stop chewing sugar free gum) it makes sense to at least be aware of what you put on your skin.

Paraben is one of those things that are being targeted as being bad for you and possibly linked to cancer. Parabens are chemicals that are used as preservatives - found in everything from lotions to toothpaste and even as a food additive. A 2004 study apparently found parabens in some breast cancers - however the study did not say the parabens were the cause of the cancer.

Some say that the whole 'paraben free' is just a gimmick that natural green companies use. But I say, why add any preservatives or chemicals to your skin if you don't have to? We're already exposed to so many every day, it can't hurt to reduce your exposuer. Luckily there are lots of options for going all natural, paraben free, and reducing your exposure to more chemicals.

One of my favorite Bath and Body independent companies is Mi-Spa. Her Peony Blossom lotion sits on my desk at work and hubby smells devine in her Brown Sugar & Spice lotion. Makes me want to eat him all up. :) We also enjoy her natural soaps. We like "Chocolate Truffles" but she also has exotic flavors like Lettuce and Coconut Lemongrass. Oh and her dry roll on perfume is to die for. SO simple to throw in your purse and put on right before work or after a workout. Again, I'm partial to the Peony Blossom.

Buy three bars of soap from Mi-Spa and get 10% off.

I've found several other natural (or 99% natural) bath and body product providers out there who also look fabulous.
Ablutions has this Organic Lip Butter that sounds too tasty and are priced just right for stocking stuffers at $5.

Why do skincare product names have to sound so edible? It makes my mouth water to read "apple orchard", "mandarin raspberry", and "pineapple sorbet" from Winks & Company. *insert Homer donut drool here* Making them even more inviting is their juicy ingredients for nourishing the driest of skin.

Lest men think that they are being left out - Essentials for Him has some tough and manly skincare products (is that an oxymoron???). How freaking cool is this tough Power Wash? You don't have to be a wimpy metrosexual to smell nice. And it's convenient and easy to use - I know how important that is for my hubby.

There are so many delicious and independent bath and body folks out there. Why not switch your skin care products to a company that cares - most are small business folks who live and work in our own communities. At least you'll know where your lotion comes from - not a scary sweatshop in China!
More fabulous companies (in no particular order) -
Cioccolatina - Natural Handmade in the UK
Shea Radiance - Creamy Body Butters and More
In Kristin's Shower - Fantastic Bath Bombs
Flower Peddler - Natural Bath Products
Natural Magic Soaps - 100% Natural Soaps
Vintage Body Spa - Indulge Your Body
Holly Rose Aromatherapy - Essential, Fragrant & Naturally Handmade

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Crystal said...

Umm, do you want me to go broke? You keep making me want to spend all my money! *grin*

I'm a sucker for bath products, and I too am trying to make the switch to natural things that go in and on my body.

But I'll keep my TV, thank you.