Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Experiment Gone Wrong

Well, I don't experiment very often. I'm a wuss and I admit that freely. But I had this idea in my head and I just had to try it out. It didn't work. In order to prevent others from wasting some $$$ on these gorgeous crystals and then ruining them I thought I'd share my results.

I really wanted to fuse silver with some crystals and they now make these fabulous circle crystals. So I ordered a few and tried it out. I actually melted the crystal to the silver! And the crystal cracked and, in the case of the blue crystal, discolored.

So this is one experiment that blew. :( I still want to create with these gorgeous crystals but will either have to use seed beads and the only stitch I know (peyote) or wire wrap for security. I don't want to use open jump rings ... although I suppose if I used half hard sterling wire it would be fairly secure (if the wire was thick enough). Stay tuned!

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