Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Deep Breaths

How in the world is November almost here?!?!? When did that happen!!! I just realized this morning that Friday is November 2...and that is the first day of a craft show I am doing this weekend. ACK!

Thankfully it is a local show, not too huge, and I have most of my gear packed up from the last show and ready to go. Plus it is an indoor show so no tent needed. But still ... I am scheduled to take that day off, which I forgot about. And I need to get a little more organized. Even small shows are stressful and hard work.

Not only that I have all of a sudden gotten more orders than I'm used to - both from my main website and from my Etsy Gemstones store. I'm greatful and excited but exhausted. It clearly doesn't take a lot of orders to make me crazy. LOL It's the combination of working full time, having a two hour commute each day that wastes my time, and then coming home to hubby and dogs who need attention. That leaves me about 2 hours before bed. Or 3 if I go to bed late - which is not good for me and leaves me with headaches and more chances to get sick.

I'm honestly not complaining. Really. I get the biggest thrill when I see an order come through on my jewelry website. And I'm glad to be getting rid of my excess inventory of beads and things. I like that other jewelry designers are getting to use beads that just sit in my house - lonely and waiting to be part of something beautiful.

Oh, and Kodiak goes into surgery today. :( My poor baby boy! I won't get to see him until tomorrow and then he'll be half drugged, shaved, and with that big cone thing on his head. Look how adorable he was as a puppy! He was pure white when we brought him home. He sure has darkened up.
Looking at his puppy pictures makes me smile. :)


Hank said...

Best wishes, Kodiak. Are they giving him a pain patch this time around? Didn't look like it in the last photo, but maybe I just need lasik eye surgery...

CastoCreations said...

Thanks hank. No pain patches. I have to shove pills down his throat. He made it through surgery!!! :) We get to pick him up today.

Crystal said...

What a cutie!

I hope he's doing alright.

langtry said...

Best wishes to sweet Kodiak! He's in my prayers. Please give him a nice warm snuggle for me.
- Sharon, a/k/a langtry

Hank said...

Left a comment on the later thread without reading your reply on this one. Still want to know: why no pain patch? For the intense period immediately following surgery, it provides a constant, level dose of pain reliever so that you don't have to worry about the pill thing. Surgery is enough to deal with without all the additional stress (for him and for you as well).