Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Fire Scares Me!

Of all the natural disasters out there that could affect me, flooding and fire scare me the most. Earthquakes I can handle. Windstorms, fine. Even a volcanic eruption wouldn't scare me too badly unless it actually caused a fire.

The fires in California freak me out and I feel so horrible for all those affected. I cannot imagine being so helpless and unable to defend my home. I asked my hubby yesterday, "can you imagine losing this?" pointing to our home and all our comfort. We are so blessed.

In my inability to help, I found a fabulous person who is selling donated items to raise funds for those in need affected by the fires. I donated a pair of my earrings...
As soon as the link to purchase them is up I'll add it. In the meantime, here is Merimello's Etsy shop with a couple of other donated items up for sale.

I know that some of the folks in Cali are well off financially, but I don't care how rich you are - losing your home like this is devestating and traumatic. Even the smallest kindness means so much. I hope that my donation can help provide a little comfort.

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