Friday, October 5, 2007

I Love My Dogs!

Probably too much. I spoil them beyond what is socially acceptable. But these businesses enable me!!!

My dogs DESERVE ice cream. They put up with mommy and daddy being too lazy to play or walk. They put up with brushing and grooming, which they hate. My poor Kodiak is practically an invalid. Quinn is an old lady. And Trooper is a puppy...and all puppies deserve ice cream.

I found special doggy ice cream at the grocery store...but looking at the ingredients freaked me out. All kinds of chemicals that I can't pronounce. I care way more about what my dogs eats than what I eat. :) So no chemicals for them.

And then the Daily Candy goes and finds this amazing organic ice cream for dogs!!!! I must order some.

How can I resist this face???

Or this one?

Or this one?

If mommy gets to eat her unhealthy, chemical filled Ben & Jerries then the poor doggies get to eat organic yummies.


Nat said...

You're so funny :) Your dogs are beautiful! (and I'm not normally a dog person...)

Crystal said...

Aww your dogs are so freaking gorgeous! I can't show my husband the pictures, or we'll probably end up with another one ourselves. ;)

I'm really picky about what my dogs eat too. I get scared reading some of the dog food labels!

Now I'm off to check out this organic doggy ice cream. I'm sure you'll hear them wagging their tails in appreciation. :)