Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I Got Tagged

Boooo! I am so ticked. If you don't agree with me, leave me a note. Don't vandalize my property.

I have had the same bumper sticker on my Rav4 for over four years -

"Land of the Free
Because of the Brave
Thank You Armed Forces"

And I believe that heart and soul. I rarely glance at the back of my car every day going to and fro. Hubby summoned me outside this afternoon to show me that someone had crossed out "Thank You Armed Forces" in black marker.

*Insert Angry Red Face Here*

Piss off is what I say. Now I am on a mission to find the most obnoxious, conservative, thankful bumpersticker I can find. I have one that says "An Armed Society is a Polite Society" that I find rather amusing. But I really want something to thank the troops.

If you disagree, that is just fine. Put a bumper sticker on your car to counteract mine. But don't touch mine! I would never, ever, in a gazillion years deface someone else's property just because I disagreed with them. I didn't do it during the 2004 elections and I won't ever do it. I can't say the same about liberals who think they have the right to silence an opinion different than their own.

Again I say, piss off. Oh this just makes me so mad.


Aloke Pillai said...

People really need to show respect to all the soldiers fighting for us. It really sad to see their ignorance.

lol, I would get pissed too if they touched my bumper sticker.

Jennifer said...

that's disgraceful! Our troops deserve our support. Maybe you can get this in a bumper sticker

Jennifer said...

Credit where credit is due, got the link from Instinct at http://www.lifein3d.net/2007/09/18/a-disturbance-in-the-force/#comments

CastoCreations said...

OMG Thank you jennifer! "I just neutered the Cat - Now he's a liberal" may just be my favorite thing ever. ROFL My mom would hate it! hee hee hee

Nat said...

That pisses me off, too, and it wasn't even my bumper sticker. I'm glad that you have the sticker in the first place and support the troops like you do. It means a lot to military wives like me who send their husbands off on deployments. Thank you!

Jennifer said...

FYI-I had to link to you for this one.

Crystal said...

Oooh. As the wife of a veteran who was permanently and severely injured while serving his country, that really pisses me off too!!

People are just sick. Whether or not you agree with the war, there are better (and LEGAL) ways of expressing your opinion.

Lemme at 'em.