Thursday, October 4, 2007

Your Kids Are Watching You

I don't have anything else to blog about today...and I find this mildly amusing and extremely disturbing.
"...guidelines issued by the American Academy of Pediatrics and supported by the
commonwealth, doctors across Massachusetts are interrogating our kids about mom
and dad’s “bad” behavior..."

Who defines bad bahvior?

The actions of some of these do-gooder doctors is frightening. Reporting parents to law enforcement for gun ownership!!!! It's called the 2nd Amendment folks. Look it up. Am I going to have to worry about my kids someday saying "Yes, my daddy has guns." He's a cop for freaks sake!

I am all for protecting children against sexual abuse, but assuming that all daddys are perverts who abuse their children is an insult and twisted.
"The American Academy of Pediatrics has declared all parents guilty until proven

And guilty based on their view of right and wrong. Don't's a slilppery slope. They encouraged kids to spy on their own families in Nazi Germany. Teachers told students that it was their duty to the nation to rat out their own parents. It's a symptom of fascism. And it's frightening.

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