Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Live from Brazil!

My friend and coworker Sandra went to Brazil and just got back Monday. Thank goodness she's back. I'm always stressed when I can't ask her questions! I've been in this role for three years and I STILL need her help constantly.

But I'll forgive her for leaving me since she brought me such gorgeous goodies!!!

I have another coworker friend who is majorly into stones and she thinks these black ones are raw rough garnets!!! I think they are freaking awesome and I WILL figure out how to use them in some sort of jewelry creation.

No idea what these are...I swear some look like Apatite. Do they have apatite in Brazil?

My coworker friend thinks these are flourite. They are UBER delicate and flaky. Pieces were coming off very easily so I'll need to be careful with these. No jewelry from them. :)
I love getting presents!

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