Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Honoring the Bracelet Lady

So, I ranted yesterday about the whole pink and breast cancer awareness as an ad gimick thing. But I really do care - honest. Not because it's breast cancer but because it's cancer at all. My father died of colon cancer which had then spread to his whole body. Cancer is an ugly and painful invasion for all involved.

While I won't be making things to sell, I am going to participate in a bracelet making project. And you can play too!

Cagey Crafters is an online forum for those crafty jewelry types among us. One of our wonderful moderators found this story about a woman, Lisa Fewox, who started a bracelet campaign in Jacksonville FL. She didn't have cancer and noone in her family had cancer but she felt compelled to do this. Her efforts touched people's lives and made them better.

Then one day...ironic tragedy struck. Brain cancer. Violent and harsh reality.

But her spirit lives on! Our group is making bracelets in Lisa's name. Our donations will be sent to the news station and distributed as per Lisa's legacy. Will you contribute?

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