Friday, October 19, 2007

Glad to have you!

I'm so blessed. Things have not been the most pleasant lately and yet I am not nearly as sad or stressed out as I could be. People have left wonderful and supportive comments. My husband has been unusually patient. And work has said to do whatever I need to do.

Exhaustion is close to setting in but I have jewelry to design tonight. Of course through all this chaos life goes on and people need jewelry. Jewelry makes me smile! :) And creating pieces for others to make them smile is another blessing.

Tomorrow will be the first time the whole family is together since grandma died on Tuesday. I imagine it won't be particularly easy. I HATE HATE HATE to cry or show weakness - especially with family. I don't know why. I can cry at work and not be mad at myself but let my own mother see a tear and I want to rip my hair out. Sheesh. Issues? LOL

I'm sure we'll go through her clothing, see what fits the skinny young cousins (though they are much taller than grandma, some of her nice shirts may fit them). I don't want any of her clothing. Mom has her wedding ring and my great-grandma's wedding ring. I'm sans-ring right now (another story for another day) so she's going to ask grandpa if I can "borrow" it. We'll use that word so my aunt doesn't get ticked. :) We'll see. I don't need "things" to remember her but I would like to be part of her legacy in jewelry. I think grandpa and I will start cutting stones so he can teach me how it's done. I'll be putting a lot of miles on the car this winter that's for sure.

Have a happy Friday and go hug your relatives!

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Crystal said...

Auugh, it's so hard losing a grandma! I'm so sorry you're going through it, but you're getting through it and that's what matters. :)

I hate when other people see me cry too, but umm, I've been crying a lot these days. *sigh*