Thursday, October 18, 2007

When It Rains...

As if we didn't have enough to deal with right now, Kodiak needs surgery again. This will be his third. God love him. He's such a sweet dog and has so much energy and excitement...well, not now because he's drugged up, but normally.

He was only 9 months old when he first hurt his leg - he liked to dig holes and we think he tripped in one and tore a muscle. That cost us nearly $5,000!

Last year we noticed him limping on his other leg and finally took him in to the vet. He had torn his ACL. *sigh* So another surgery and $2,000+. And it was so emotionally draining for me. I ended up sleeping on the couch because we had him set up and caged off from the other dogs. He had to have his pain pills every so many hours and could only go outside to potty on leash. He would cry so horribly that I ended up calling hubby in was breaking my heart. I hate to go through that again! Plus, his hair never did grow back all the way from where they shaved him!

It looks like that surgery didn't stick. Either the wires they put in broke or he's got a new issue in the same spot. They took x-rays yesterday (oy, $300!) and the change in his bones and scar tissue in less than one year is so sad. It's dangerous for his other leg because it has to do all the work to compensate for the bum leg.

Our boy is 6 1/2 years old and still acts like a puppy. He can handle a lot of pain but that's not fair. I want him to be comfortable and healthy. Is that too much to ask? He loves to go on walks but pulls to hard, even when he is in pain. He'll have to be on the gentle leader for the rest of his life I think (he hates it!). I just want him fixed and not in pain!


sparrow said...

So sad to read about your poor pooch! Ask your vet whether a cart might help him heal better. My doxie had back surgery years ago and the sugeon told me she would never walk again, but after two years in the cart, she started to walk again. It might help to take some of the stress off the back legs and still let him get around. The only problem is that it can torture your furniture. is the place I used and they were great.

Hank said...

Saw your comment over at Rachel Lucas's site and came to look. Sorry to hear about Kodiak. We're in the Seattle area too, and have had several dogs go through orthopedic surgery; if you want to compare notes and/or discuss different vets/surgeons, feel free to leave a response here or go leave a comment anywhere on my site.

Sharon said...

Casto: I am so sorry to hear about sweet Kodiak's new injury. Those pictures of him in recovery from his recent surgery are heart-breaking: It's obvious how much you love him and want to make him comfortable, but it just looks so painful. Both he and your other doggies are in my prayers, and please give them all kisses and tummy rubs.
- Sharon, a/k/a "langtry"

CastoCreations said...

Thanks everyone! The poor guy is just so pathetic right now. Hobbling along on three legs. :(

I will look into that cart thing. I wonder how the other two dogs would react. I'm sure our puppy would bark and growl like crazy. LOL

hank...I'll definitely visit your blog and we'll chat. We weren't that thrilled with his surgeon originally but aren't sure what other options we have.

Rachel Lucas said...

Like I said in my comment about your grandma, I'm so sorry you're going through all of this. I cannot even FATHOM what I'd do if Digger was actually crying out in pain. I think I would go completely to pieces. I feel so bad for Kodiak, being so young and having these problems. It's NOT fair.

Keep posting about this stuff when you feel up to it. The comfort you can get from commenters is truly astonishing. Take care and take it easy.

Crystal said...

Oh goodness, poor guy. It's so heartbreaking to see them sick or in pain!! :(

I hope you figure out what's best for him. I know you will.


Hank said...

I'll get you the info on our orthopedic surgeon (all I know is his initials; everyone just calls him "EB"). He works with a number of clinics, so with any luck he travels to your area. He's done three surgeries for us, and all have turned out as well as could be expected, if not better. More details when I track down his actual contact info.

Hank said...

OK. His name is Dr. E.B. Okrasinski, and he works all over the Seattle area, by referral from your regular vet (i.e. they have to call him in on the case; you can't just contact him directly). We have had very good luck with the surgeries he has done for us over the years. Our veterinary clinic is Lien Animal Clinic in West Seattle (Dr. Kraabel there, in particular, is excellent).

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Hi, My border collie/black lab mix dog tore her ACL and is scheduled to have surgery by Dr. E. B. Okrasnski, 3 weeks from now. Did you like him and how was he with your pet? My dog is like a child to me and I am so scared for her, I want to make sure she is going to be taken care of ... thx sue

CastoCreations said...

Oh Sue I'm so sorry! I did not use that Dr...we went back to the same surgeon who did his last surgery since they knew him and his history.

I'm sure your dog will be okay. It's just extremely emotional and difficult to watch them go through this. Good luck!!!

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