Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Back to Work

So it is a new year and I'm back in the office. *sigh* Having time off gives me a glimpse of what life is like without the "9 to5". My house is cleaner. I was much less stressed. Though I was getting bored - there were plenty of things around the house that I had left to work on.

I definitely needed the break from work. I was so lethargic and not caring about much of anything. I've been doing the same job now for 3 years and I still enjoy it - but it isn't nearly as challenging as it once was. But put it together with a nearly full time jewelry business and the challenges come out of the woodwork.

My goals for 2008:
  • Buy a Kiln - and use it! But this also means cleaning out the garage. Husband is somehow concerned about having a kiln in the kitchen. *shrugs* As if it's any less dangerous than me playing with a torch?
  • Apply for the NWCA - Northwest Crafts Alliance. *gulp* The jewelry category is brutally difficult. I look at the current members and my shoulders sag just a bit. And it's due in 8 days! Eeeek!!!
  • Get Better Organized - Sort of a miscellaneous catch all but my work space is still not as organized as I would like it to be. Nor is my record keeping system. I haven't even entered 1/10th of my paper work for 2007. *sigh* Lots to do this month.
  • Get rid of or sell supplies - I am overrun with beads and findings that I will never use in a million years. Not only do I need to sell them to recoup some of my money but I need the space for metal, wire, enamel, etc.
  • Enter Invoices, Sales, Etc. on a Monthly Basis - I was going to say weekly but that isn't realistic. It would never happen. But I need to at least do it monthly. My stack of paper to input for 2007 is ridiculous.
  • Send out a newsletter at least once a month - I started doing that towards the end of the year '07 but really need to work harder at consistency.
And those are my modest goals for 2008. I hope that by attaining these goals my sales will increase as well.

Here is to a happy, healthy, and safe New Year.


Dharma Designs said...

I'm a fan of your work! Glad I found your blog. :-)

Laurel said...

Hi Megan!! Love your blog!

Barb Macy said...

Megan, we have a lot of the same goals! I was interested in the membership to the art guild in Seattle. I think your stuff would fit nicely! Good luck!

CastoCreations said...

Thanks Barb! I just finished my application and am going to send it out today. *gulp* We'll see. This is the first time I've applied though I did inquire a couple of years ago. *keeping my fingers crossed*

Gemheaven said...

Great Goals Megan (remeber to shout when you are getting rid of supplies I love your taste!!)