Tuesday, January 8, 2008

New Year, New Designs

I don't often write about my own work but since I stayed up late last night posting new items I thought I'd share.

I finally got up my nerve to try to set my own stones and I think they turned out fairly well. The earrings above are fine silver with lab created blue sapphire cabochons. They are meant to be organic and "rough" looking. I love how they turned out. I also set a natural Ruby into one of my Cherry Tree necklaces...love it!

Another new technique for me is soldering - not only silver but I got up my courage to solder 14k gold filled wire! I was thrilled with the results, but because I use silver solder there's a bit of silver on the gold. So I paired them with silver in these earrings. :) And a gemstone - apatite is pictured. I plan to purchase some 14k gold solder but it's crazy expensive. Although I also want to try soldering 14k gold... *gulp* That will be a nerve wracking experiment.

I have tried to avoid doing one of a kind designs but at the last show I attended I found some stunningly beautiful faceted stones that I just had to have. They were not cheap and there were not multiples available. I found some stunning briolettes in Cognac Quartz and a set in Peridot. I also got some discs that are too beautiful but I haven't used them yet.

The photos of these make the right earring Peridot look crooked but it's not ... I am not the master photographer.

I just got some new gemstones in the mail and can't wait to play with them. And there are more on the way that will be made into stunningly beautiful rings. This year is starting off with a bang!

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