Friday, January 18, 2008

I Second That!

Have you ever created something that just didn't seem ... right. Maybe it was a little lop sided. Or there was one bead missing in a pattern. Maybe you were just experimenting and didn't like the way it turned out, but it wasn't so horrible that someone else might not like it.

This is where the concept of "Seconds" can be very handy. And good for your business.

My mom makes a trip each year to Seattle to visit one of her favorite artists, who's name I can't recall right now. She creates beautiful ceramic tiles and sculptures - I've only seen her "cat" works because that is what my mom likes.

So every year they go to her seconds sale. And they always try to get there early because it has become a very popular event. She has work that has been slightly damaged - maybe chipped or a small piece missing - as well as older designs that are all discounted.

And so every year my mom buys at least one of her pieces.

People love a deal and most are fine with slight imperfections, as long as those imperfections are pointed out and do not damage the overall integrity of a piece.

I started a section in my Etsy shop for Seconds and am slowly starting to add pieces that have been sitting around doing nothing because I never felt right offering them on my main website. Some are a little "off" but still pretty. Some are designs that I experimented with but found that I didn't want to create them consistently or wasn't inspired enough to keep making them.

Offer seconds to your customers and I am sure they will jump at the chance to own your work at a discounted price. Just be up front and honest about why you consider it a "seconds" piece.


Dharma Designs said...

Casto - I'm sure your "seconds" are still out-of-this-world GORGEOUS!!! :-)

Regal Beads said...


Michele Maule said...

Very interesting topic. I wonder if I could do something like that for my paintings...or books when I start making them again. said...

I think that is a very interesting idea. I may give it a go. Thank you for writing about it.

Anonymous said...

Good idea! I have had something like that on my website for a year now. It is called Bargain Bin for Pets and Bargain Bin for People. I put all discontinued, end of line and slightly "off" designs in there. These do quite well as people love to have a bargain as long as the "reason" is clearly stated.
Your "Seconds" should do very well...You make beautiful designs. I LOVE your work.

eva said...

I have also heard of someone who sells her "seconds". she calls it mis-art (probably from mistake). I `m quite aware that there are people who actually love items with little "flaws" - they give that extra personality.
I`m hopeless perfectionist, so I try to make as perfect work as I can. But I clearly see the charm of "seconds" too!