Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Not Your Grandma's Crafting

Some people hear the word "craft" or "handmade" and see the little old white haired lady crocheting doilies or doll clothes.

Maybe 50 years ago!

Today's arts and crafts crowd is hip and young (at least in heart if not in age). Etsy is proof of that. I love Etsy. I could spend all day there browsing the amazing works of hand crafted love, chatting in the forums, and trying to snag myself a Treasury. Oh, and of course posting my work to sell.

Handmade is becoming mainstream and more valued than anytime in several decades. With big box stores, 'made in China', and safety recalls everywhere - people are starting to treasure the personal handcrafted work.

You know that people are starting to take handcrafting seriously when articles start appearing in The New York Times and Business Week. I knew that crafting was big business, but $31 BILLION in 2007 is fabulous!

Let's hear it for another great year in 2008.

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