Friday, January 25, 2008

Fabulous Friday

It's not fair that I should have a bad headache on a Friday. Grrrr!

Besides my actual job I have several projects to work on tonight before heading to grandpa's house tomorrow. We're going to cut stone!!!

I'll be taking lots of photos to share. I hope I am able to create something from start to finish. *crossing my fingers*

Happy Weekend!


katy said...

Wow! Cutting stone? Like...diamond stone? How does one go about that? I love the whole idea of jewelry making and have always wondered what it would take. I've really mostly been obsessed with necklaces lately, especially after seeing the gorgeous 5.58cts. "Baby's Breath" diamond necklace that My Dove is giving away for their "Expressions of Love" contest (valued at over 21K) It's so gorgeous...take a look at I wish I could make something like that. Regardless, it's so pretty (I know, 'cause I work with them and have the inside scoop). Keep us updated on how the stone cutting goes!!

CastoCreations said...

LOL Well...I won't be cutting diamonds ... but stones yes. My grandpa will be cutting a turquoise stone so I'll probably do one too. We'll see what else we can play with but it's only my second time trying to cut stone. I'll definitely be posting about how it goes. :)