Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Trooper Has a Girlfriend

I am giggling - Trooper Bear has a girlfriend at daycare. I just called to see how my babies did today (it was the first time at daycare for Kodiak and Quinn) and the lady there said that Trooper was going to be sad because his girlfriend is moving.

Poor guy! Apparently he and a pure white Siberian Husky named Nikki are very good friends and they play together most of the day.

I wish I could get a picture of them together!!! I love that he's having fun there - and I love that he's TIRED and not a monster at home. =)

He looks like a monster doesn't he? HAHAHAHA! Daddy thinks its funny to put hats on him.


langtry said...

Trooper Bear is a handsome boy -- I am sure he will have plenty of girl doggies waiting in line to be his next Girlfriend.

the ardent thread said...

I LOVE Huskies! I used to work at a dog daycare and we had a husky who was definitely alpha bitch. I was told to ignore her or she'd "own" me, so I did as I was told... until the day she threw up and I had to look after her. She loved me after that.

I really miss that girl.