Wednesday, January 16, 2008


I wish I was as brilliant as some of the sellers on Etsy - this one in particular cracks me up every time I see her new designs. I love sarcastic humor ... and her "Hate Mail" line makes me giggle.

Have you ever been at the mall or grocery store and been abused by the sight of misbehaving munchkins who are less than cute? I have. I want to scream at the mother (or father) "Get control of your child or leave!" but that would be ... let's say socially unacceptable.

So Carol Lee Designs has come up with the perfect solution - Hate Mail mini Cards that say "Nice Parenting Skills Jackass."

BRILLIANT! No need to confront - passive aggressive is the way to go in these situations. Slip it in their purse or set it on top of their ice cream while they're in line. And walk away. I think they'll get the message. :)

I think I will recommend these to Rachel Lucas who has some neighbors with devil's spawn.

Carol Lee has other designs too - some aren't even hate related. But those are really my favorite. Everything you always wanted to say but Hallmark wasn't stepping up with the right words.

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