Monday, January 21, 2008

Dog Days

You know your dog is completely at ease when they sleep like this.

Even when I was walking around him to get a better shot he didn't move because he knows I would never hurt him. He's my sweet baby boy. And enjoys his new bed.

Trooper thinks Kodiak's new bed actually belongs to him. Quinn was trying to have a rest but he was having none of that.

He's such a bully...but a cute bully. You may think he's alpha...nope. Kodiak really is the alpha dog but he's just a quiet sort of alpha. He definitely expresses his alpha-ness when necessary. And Trooper has learned to respect Kodiak's alpha ... when absolutely required.

And clearly he was not respecting the alpha dog here - trying to bully his way onto the blanket.

Our dogs are so entertaining!

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