Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Crafters ADD

Am I the only one who can't focus? All my life I've found myself interested in various arts and crafts projects. As a little girl I played with crayons like a crazy girl and as I got older I discovered embroidery floss. My friends and I created "friendship bracelets" with rainbow of colors available. Then I learned to cross stitch and did that for several years as a young teen.

My great grandmother taught me to crochet. She tried to teach me to knit but I never could grasp the concept. I made several scarves and even a blanket as a teen.

Rubber stamping was, up to that point, my longest obsession. I had my own job and my own money and I spent a LOT of it on rubber stamps and supplies. I think I had some talent at it. I took over my then fiance's coffee table creating cards to sell at my work's craft show.

I actually kind of miss making cards, but I think that's my Crafter's ADD acting up again. Because last night I started crocheting again. As if I need another project to start and leave half finished. As if I have the spare time to create a blanket! But I sat in bed for a good 45 minutes crocheting away ... my husband thought it was hilarious. But it won't be so funny when I start pulling out all my card supplies and taking over the coffee table again!

Don't worry ... I'm not quitting jewelry because I created more of that yesterday too (it was a busy day) but I swear I have ADD when it comes to arts and crafts. Wave some colored paper and string in front of me and I go into a daze.

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Anonymous said...

If you have crafters ADD then so do I. Your story sounds much the same as mine. I love my business, Greyt Inspirations, creating collars, leashes and embroidered items but as if that wasn't enough with a full-time job, I just started doing fused glass. You shoud see me, running from the glass work to the collars and leashes and back....
I can't help it if I have a creative itch that needs to be scratched.