Monday, November 3, 2008

Can I Have too Many T-Shirts?

*** UPDATE ***
I'm a sucker for start up small businesses. Rizzo left a comment and offered a special discount of 20% off (use code 3JBEE84C) their super cool tees at Rizzo Tees. I really like the Cheerios t-shirt. *grin*

Good luck Rizzo!

I am laughing so hard. Via Rare Bird Finds I am directed to Snorg Tees and there are SO many t-shirts that I must have!

I don't drink but find this funny.

*snort* *giggle*

For all you The Office this one!

I wasn't really old enough to "get" this show but I would still vote Keaton.

heh ... for my war mongering side...

And if you "get" this ... you're hot too.

Oh my goodness...there's just so many that I can't decide which ten to get!!!

I love funny t-shirts. And I'd like to get some non-partisan ones. Or at least some non-controversial ones. I don't feel comfortable wearing my "Communism has only killed 100 Million people. Let's give it another chance." shirt at Agility training. *grin*


Sandee (Comedy +) said...

I love them all. I too love these type of T-Shirts. Have a grand day. :)

Rizzo said...

I also love funny tees. Which is why I started a t-shirt company! Busted and Snorg were my inspiration.

Please check out If you or your readers want to purchase anything, the coupon code 3JBEE84C will save you 20%.

Even if you don't buy, I hope you'll get a laugh out of my shirts.


CastoCreations said...

Rizzo...some very excellent tees! =) Thanks for the discount code too.

Rizzo said...

Thank you for the kind words!

Took me a year to get it all put together, but it was fun. The site went live last Thursday. A few friends bought shirts right away. LOL I'm still lookin' for my first "stranger order." Caaamon, who's it gonna be?

Take care.


pamibe said...

What a great find! I love 'em all!

Daisy said...

I love the mouse one!

Rizzo said...

Wow, cool, thanks for the post update! I greatly appreciate it.

Angelika said...

Look for your High Five from me HERE.