Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Finding Good Deals this Christmas

There are a lot of predictions coming from the retail sector that this will be a dire Christmas season for sales.

Perhaps. Thankfully my livelihood is not tied to Christmas sales.

As a shopper though this situation may actually benefit me...and you.

Big sales promotions may yield some great savings this year.

I know that I plan to have the biggest discount - only to newsletter subscribers - than I've ever had in the past. (Sign up to get the code when the newsletter goes out later this month.) Not because I'm desperate for sales but because I have a LOT of jewelry in stock ... mostly because I tend to create in spurts and some of those spurts can yield dozens of pieces at a time. And it builds up. I just can't wear it all.

So be prepared for big sales soon. Black Friday is only 17 days away!

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