Monday, November 17, 2008

Craft Show Results

My expectations for last Friday's craft show were tempered. I did not expect outstanding sales like I had several years ago. My best year ever for the show topped $1,200. This was not going to be that year.

I set my sales goal at $500. This is a 4 hour show and is only open to associates, contractors, and interns within the company. I think the company has around 1,000 people in our main location. So really, $500 is an ambitious goal for even the best of times. Especially when there are at least 5 other people selling jewelry.

Thankfully, I've been selling my jewelry for several years at this show and people know me. Some people I only see at this show.

I could definitely see a difference in traffic compared to previous years. Most shows find people standing in line 10 deep to make purchases. This year I did have two people lined up waiting at one point but I think that only happened a couple of times.

Thankfully I met my goal with a little over $550 in sales. Plus I traded a bracelet for some Christmas presents. So technically that would bump me over $600 but I'm not counting it as a sale.

Of course, this is still not a profit producing show. I mostly run at a deficit all year because my goal isn't to make enough money to pay my bills. My goal is to create and learn new skills. However I do need to continue to sell jewelry in order to fund that endeavor. I'm hoping this year to break even or close to it as I've been fairly frugal in my purchases all year.

After the show I went to a Gem and Jewelry wholesale show and spent half of my earnings. But that was actually my intention so it wasn't as painful as it sounds. I needed more silver wire and I found some sterling chain at a vendor having a clearance sale.

I know that craft shows are hurting for attendance and sales. I've saved all year to buy gifts for Christmas and I'm hoping to buy more this weekend at a nearby high school annual show. If you know of a show in your area I strongly encourage you to attend. Keep your money in your community by supporting local artists.

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