Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Fashion Challenged

It's probably not a good thing to admit, but I'm fairly fashion challenged. Not that I don't know what is in style or what looks good to wear...but I'm cheap. I have pants that have holes in them ... and yes, I wear them to work.

My favorite pair of boots are 20+ years old (I've had them since the third grade!!!) and have gone through many resoles but the leather is now starting to fade and wear through. :( I'm so sad. They're my favorite!

I did splurge last weekend. I bought a pair of pants at Target for $12 and a shirt for $2. =) The shirt is for Christmas. It's silver and shimmery. Out of style? Probably. Although I don't generally cheap out when I buy new shoes. My current favorite pair I paid full price but they are rockin'! *grin* If I do say so myself. Sometimes you have to pay a little more for good quality and long lasting shoes.

All of this makes it uncomfortable for me to sell my jewelry to someone in person because I feel so out of step with fashion while at the same time trying to sell a fashion item. Do you think it is a hindrance to my design that I don't dress "in style?"

I've always been a little "off" fashion wise. In high school I would wear business suit jackets and skirts ... basically dressing about ten years above my age. At the time I refused to wear any brand name clothing. No Gap. I refused. No Tommy Hilfiger....which my mom called Tommy Hilf....never mind. I just felt that if I was going to wear a name brand across my chest then they should pay ME. :) I've lightened up a bit on that though. I love my Cabela's sweatshirt. *grin*

Yet I make jewelry for those who do have style. =) At least, that is my goal. And selling online makes it easier to work with those who would look at my clothes and cringe.

I have a show at work on Friday. Thankfully most folks see me every day and like my jewelry anyway. ha ha ha I'm glad they don't hold my lack of fashion against me.


pamibe said...

I beat you; I'm so fashion challenged I have to go to Macy's and buy whatever is on the mannequin because I wouldn't know what to put together if my life depended on it! LOL!

John said...

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