Monday, September 10, 2007

Almost Famous!

Well, Happy Monday to me!

My friend and coworker, Karen, told me this morning that someone recognized my work! She was at a wedding expo this weekend and was wearing this bracelet that she bought from me a few weeks ago.

As she walked around a woman stopped her and said "I know who made your bracelet!" Apparently she had purchased a one of a kind necklace from me at the Harbor Days show in Olympia (one of my few sales!). And she recognized my work based on that necklace. I wish I had a good photo of it because it was gorgeous.

I feel famous! And pretty proud that all my efforts at a "look" have paid off - at least in this instance. It's so hard for me to stay consistent in my designs but this is exactly the reason why I have to continue down that road. :)


Gemheaven said...

About time lol

Your jewellery is breathtaking Megan you should feel very proud!


T.S. said...

I totally agree that you have a signature style - and you should be proud! Your work is beautiful girl, and one day I'll be saying 'I knew her when...' :)

EliteBeadCreations said...

WOW!! What a great feeling that must be. Congrats Megan =)