Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Happy Birthday.

It's hard to feel happy on this day. Six years ago our world was shaken beyond repair. But it's also my little cousin's birthday. She turned 16 on this day six years ago. Talk about a hard day to celebrate.

She is one of the most wonderful girls (arg...she's a woman now!). Kind, smart, and stunningly gorgeous. She could so easily be a model but her goal is to teach. And she is amazing with kids. I am in awe of her. Her strength and energy make me swell with pride.

When I was 7 this little girl came into our family and I hated her! I was the only girl until she came along and ruined everything for me. I was the princess. The oldest grandchild. Completely spoiled. But I fell in love with her so quickly. Her sister was born less than two years later and I enjoyed baby sitting and corrupting them both.

So Happy Birthday Jo Jo! I'll try to remember this day as a happy one for you. :)

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