Monday, September 3, 2007

Beware the "Secret" Scam

Oh dear. Why do people think they can get away with these things? Probably because people fall for it. Please don't!

I have gotten two e-mails through my contact form on my website. It seems they found me through the Secret Pal shopping site and I'm not the only one they've contacted. I haven't changed any words or grammar at all.

want to send a gift to someone in edmenton canada , but i m living in other
country(egypt) is that possible and my second question is it possible to keep my
all information anonymous to the person reciving the gift like my name and
location and address thnx in advance .. and i would also like to ask .. in that
case of keeping my details anonymous if the person contact u up to ask about the
details will u hv to give it in that case

The second message, in the same day...

i want to send a gift to someone in edmenton canada.. but i m living in
egypt and i m gonna pay by visa card is it possible .. and if yes i want to send
it as an anonymous gift without my name or address or my location .. and where
to type that when i m signing out , and i got yr site through
.. will i get my free shipping.. and my last question ..if the person contact u
to ask about the sender will u hv to give the information out .. as i contacted
many sites regarding this .. i m not ordering right now ,, but for sure i m
going purchase many things from yr site its lovely
Apparently these scammers are trying to take advantage of us Independent artists and crafters. The same message was brought up on The Soap Forum (which I had no idea existed!).

I was uncertain when I got the first one. I mean, after all, someone from Egypt COULD want to send a secret gift. But I'm not so desperate for a sale that I won't question it.

Verdict: SCAM! Run far far away if you get this e-mail!

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CastoCreations said...

I received a comment for this post but didn't want to publish it because she included her e-mail address. =)

"What about a solicitation from Wome's World Online Magazine for Pictures or actual product ~ is this ok?"

Sending a picture is just fine in my view. Sending a product is more problematic. Do you know for SURE that the sample is going to Women's World Online? If I knew for sure I'd be jumping to send something. But if they contacted you, I would do some searching and maybe even try to contact them yourself to make sure the person you send to actually works there. :) Good luck!