Thursday, September 20, 2007

Positively Positive

Do you have a positive attitude? Or are you a Negative Nelly?

Selling online, you may think that your attitude doeesn't matter, but I actually think it makes a huge difference. I believe that your personal self shows through in everything you do...from taking photos to writing descriptions.

Are you willing to take constructive criticism? Or are other people's suggestions 'stupid' and your way is the right way? All of that comes through in how you present yourself online.

Do you sell at arts and crafts shows? Negativity will drive away customers faster than a rainstorm. Are you sitting in your booth and glaring at people as they walk by? Are you complaining to your neighbor about bad sales?

Or are you sincerely smiling at everyone who walks by or enters your booth? Just a simple smile can make all the difference in the world. I found this fabulous artist's blog and she writes:

Another way to stay in the booth is to keep your bad mood and complaints to
yourself. Let me say that again, in big, bold letters:


I am astonished at artists who rant at the drop of a hat, especially during a fair. It’s bad enough to have to be around people like this in any circumstances. Set-up and breakdown are stressful enough. We all have our moments, of course. But someone who is unhappy and determined that everyone else needs to know that, is a total downer.

It’s hard enough to listen to this before and after a show. But during a show, it’s criminal. Nothing breaks a happy fair shopping mode than listening to someone else complain.

If you are a show complainer, you may think your fellow artisans are admiring you for your amazing insights and cutting words. They aren’t. They are sitting there wishing, hoping, praying that you will suddenly be struck down with laryngitis. Or worse.

Because you are bringing everybody down, down, down. And “down” people do
not buy stuff.

Well, of course! Seems logical doesn't it? You'd be surprised how many vendors enter my booth to complain. I try very hard not to...although noone is perfect. :)

It's hard to be positive when you aren't getting sales...but just remember that everything happens for a reason. Evaluate why you might not be seeing sales and try to adjust your approach accordingly. Sometimes sales just aren't hopping today ... but tomorrow is another day. You never know what will happen!

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