Thursday, September 27, 2007

I'm Addicted

Well, I'm addicted to a lot of things (ice cream, TV, the list goes on) but I am totally addicted to stationery and paper! When I was scrapbooking I was hopeless. A pretty piece of paper had no chance at the store - it came home with me!

Now I just fall in love with cards and paper that other people make. I found this designer on Indie Public and her Etsy store has some really amazing pieces. Her designs are really unique.

I am going to order these and use them as my thank you cards when people place a large order. They are just so cute! I know they are a tad expensive but a lot of my jewelry is expensive and deserves a special card to say thank you.

And she has the cutest baby shower announcements...maybe someday I'll get to order some of those too!

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